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Decorate Your Bedroom: Year 5 / Number and place value

CONSOLIDATE YEAR 4 Curriculum Reference: ACMNA072/ACMNA104

Recognise, represent and order numbers to at least tens of thousands.
Recognise that the number system can be extended beyond hundredths.

Sequencing five, six and seven digit numbers

  • 1 x 4 gameboard activities for 4 players: select quantity in shopping cart 
  • for whole class activity select (x 6) = 24 engaged students
  • learning sequence activities on  reverse side of gameboard
  • 4 blackline masters


without equipment

equipment needed: SEE BELOW

  • bags of (4 x 25) counters and game pawns, dice 6 sided  and 10 sided: 0-9, 00-90, 000-900, 0000-9000
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Feedback from Students

I thought it was a great game. I think you are very mathematical to design a great game like that. I learnt a lot with that game like thousands and patterns. It is a very mathematical game.

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Yr 5 student

I enjoyed playing the game with my friends and learning about number patterns. I liked the team work.

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