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Round Table Tuition is an innovative approach in tuition for  primary school students. We believe that all students have the ability to improve when they are given the opportunity to develop greater confidence in their own ability.

Our primary school tuition lessons are conducted by very experienced TEACHERS. We see ourselves as an extension of the classroom, by providing curriculum specific workshops for small groups of children.  We believe that a sound understanding of the essential mathematical and literacy concepts is the foundation of a child’s education.

Students engage in learning around a table to encourage stimulating, interactive dialogue about what they are learning.

At Round Table Tuition our primary school students:

  • work together in small groups (max 3) with an experienced teacher.
  • are carefully guided through a Maths Mastery programme specifically developed to embrace the Australian National Mathematics Curriculum Profile.
  • work together to improve  comprehension skills
  • are carefully guided through the process of writing specific genres
  • engage in curriculum specific board games, designed by the director of Round Table Education
  • have the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, listen to other ideas and receive immediate feedback from the teacher.

Such an environment caters for the different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, logical and social. We work together in a fun, interactive manner to give the students  the ability to work alone.

Round Table ESL for 3 to 4 year olds

At Round Table ESL, we believe that children learn best in the company of their friends, engaging in activities that are fun, and having opportunities in group’s contribution and participation.

Round Table ESL is about bringing the best out of your children as well as giving the best to them.  ESL courses are designed to engage children in learning through play therapy, group activities, board games designed by Round Table Education, and fun while learning. We are also open to each child’s own style of learning and interest, engaging them in the class room activity to further develop their uniqueness of expression.

The children,

  • Work together in small groups ( max 8 )
  • Very engaging and interactive
  • Hand-on materials to enhance learning
  • Board games and activities that are fun and stimulating
  • Group learning through play

Round Table Tuition endeavours to keep the tuition fees affordable.


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Feedback from Students

I thought it was a great game. I think you are very mathematical to design a great game like that. I learnt a lot with that game like thousands and patterns. It is a very mathematical game.

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Yr 5 student

I enjoyed playing the game with my friends and learning about number patterns. I liked the team work.

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