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Round Table Teaching Tools: Engaging, interactive small group activities

At Round Table Education we take pride in offering the best educational board games for kids that help stimulate their learning.

Round Table Teaching Tools are small group activities structured around literacy and numeracy essential concepts.  Each activity has been meticulously designed by a highly experienced teacher, referenced to a specific curriculum concept and trialled in classrooms.  Four students have the opportunity to participate in activities in which the understanding of the underlying concepts becomes rewarding.
Our meticulously designed Maths Learning Kits, include all a teacher needs to confidently create a stimulating learning environment for their students.

Round Table Classroom: Resources for Hands-on Learning
Hands-on learning is learning by doing, in which students are required to become active participants instead of passive learners. The implementation of hands-on learning experiences, requires the use of materials that support students in developing their own understanding of a specific curriculum concept. Round Table Classroom, specialises in sourcing materials that will help teachers to equip their classrooms with cost effective materials, which can be easily picked up and used for a large variety of hands-on activities.

Our online board games ensure that your kids learn as they play.

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Feedback from Students

I thought it was a great game. I think you are very mathematical to design a great game like that. I learnt a lot with that game like thousands and patterns. It is a very mathematical game.

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Yr 5 student

I enjoyed playing the game with my friends and learning about number patterns. I liked the team work.

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